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Rechargeable Battery to use Photo Booth, 360 Platform or 360 Aerial Structure Remotely

✅ Rechargeable Battery for Photo Booth, 360 Platform or 360 Aerial Structure: Portable Energy for Your Events.

Power your events with our 44800 mAh Lithium Battery, designed to provide mobile power to your Photo Booth, 360 Platform or 360 Aerial Structure. Eliminate electrical power restrictions and take the fun anywhere.

Featured Features:

✅ Extended Autonomy: Lasting up to 6 continuous hours, our battery gives you the freedom to hold events in outdoor locations or without access to electricity, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

✅ Portability without Limits: Forget about cables and power outlets. With our rechargeable battery, your events can take place anywhere, offering your clients a unique and versatile experience.

✅ Competitive Differentiation: Offer your clients a complete and convenient solution. By adding the Lithium Battery option to your Photo Booth or 360 Platform products, you will stand out in the market by offering an autonomous and easy-to-use solution.

✅ Location Flexibility: Expand your business opportunities by offering events in outdoor or remote locations. Our battery gives you the flexibility to adapt to any environment, attracting a broader and more diverse audience.

✅ Environmental Sustainability: Contribute to a more sustainable future by opting for a rechargeable and portable energy solution. Reduce your carbon footprint and offer an eco-friendly option to your environmentally conscious customers.

✅ Ease of Transport: Lightweight and compact, our rechargeable battery is easy to transport and store, simplifying the logistics of your events and guaranteeing a quick and efficient setup.

Make your events unforgettable with the Lithium Battery for Photo Booth, 360 Platform or 360 Aerial Structure. Add it to your shopping cart today and take the fun anywhere with ease and comfort.

Original price was: 300,00€.Current price is: 197,00€. (+ IVA)





We are manufacturers in Spain

Express shipping 24 hours / 48 hours

24/7 technical service

3 year warranty

The ideal investment

The future of events

Fotomatonshop’s Photo Booths or 360 platforms are an ideal investment for this year. With a growing popularity originating in the US and growing non-stop in the rest of Europe. These photo booths offer a unique opportunity for profitability. The initial investment can be recovered quickly by renting them in just 4 events.

Exclusive photo booths

Range of high quality products

An exclusive range of photo booths, designed to be easy to set up and use, perfect for any type of event. Our products are the ideal choice to add a unique and different touch to any event.

Quick and easy!

Download your videos with our own application!

After each recording in our photo booths, a video will be generated that you can quickly share via WhatsApp or Airdrop.

The only ones in Europe with their own application for Android and Apple.


What do our customers say?

Explore the experiences of those who chose our photo booths.

Clientes satisfecho en España
Artículos estupendos y económicos trato de 100 ejemplar simpatía por bandera. Gracias por todo por solucionarme cada pregunta. Repetiremos. 100% recomendable
Sara Marfe Zas
Sara Marfe Zas
He comprado la plataforma hace unos días y ya estoy generando beneficios en mis eventos. Los vídeos explicativos me ayudan mucho a no equivocarme. Estoy muy satisfecha con la plataforma! La recomiendo al 100%. ¿A quién no le gusta poder capturar momentos importantes y bonitos de su vida, junto a sus seres queridos?
Compré la plataforma 360º para mejorar los eventos que hago. Me ha encantado las formaciones que me han hecho más fácil el proceso. ¡Gracias!
Tatiana Toledo Mariscal
Tatiana Toledo Mariscal
Servicio muy bueno, rápida intervención a la hora de algún imprevisto y mucha variedad de productos. Encantada, volvería a repetir.
Agueda Toledo Mariscal
Agueda Toledo Mariscal
Gran variedad de productos para eventos envíos rápidos lo recomiendo
Jhonny Jaimes
Jhonny Jaimes
Excelente, muy amable ensu atencion, lo recomiendo ampliamente, me encanto su trato y es muy profesional.
Abel Jaimes
Abel Jaimes
Excelente servicio el que ofrecen, la atención al cliente y el asesoramiento en todo momento es uno de los factores fundamentales que me ha hecho confiar. No suelo dejar muchas reseñas, pero sin duda que mi experiencia ha sido tan buena que se la merecen, 5 estrellas para este equipazo 🌟 Gracias por la atención que me brindaron.
Nazaret Villegas
Nazaret Villegas
Todo perfecto .
Javier perez peña
Javier perez peña
Tienen productos interesantes y son muy atentos
Mark Lambert
Mark Lambert
He comprado un fotomatón y todo perfecto, envío súper rápido
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